Artist’s Statement

by Patricia Sims on November 30, 2016

Starry Night (36 x 36)

I have always been fascinated with the minute details in nature—the earthy textures and organic forms. Many of my paintings are inspired by the raw rough elements found there. I hope to give voice to the weathered, worn, solemn beauty of the world. Foggy days, twisted roots, rocks, moss, bark—these are the things I am drawn to. Much of our world is a struggle between life and death, creation and distruction. My paintings ultimately help me communicate my own visceral responses to life.

Most of my work is highly textural. I am constantly revising, adding, subtracting, and starting over. I work mostly with acrylic based mixed media. I’ll use anything to apply and manipulate the paint, whatever works (bookmarks, pallet knives, scrubbing brushes etc.).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and from that learned the basics of graphic design. My art from that time is extremely linear. Much of the work I do now couldn’t be more different from my style back then. I like it messy, random, scattered. I no longer feel pressure to keep things neat and clean. I do however have flashes of the linear and have started a new series of black & white paintings—ironically somehow even the linear is not really neat and orderly. Of late I’ve been more drawn to the organic clean lines of my Black & White Series. I go back and forth. Often I find myself working to find a balance between the raw and the refined.

Ultimately for me art is an expression of things that often cannot be put into words.  My greatest hope is that when people look at my art, they find a piece of themselves.